Love Australia and this New Year’s saying

Had a great time visiting friends in Australia over the holidays. Was way cool flying into summer there.

Love Sydney, the people and the frickin good cappuccino. Same for Melbourne. There’s a huge rivalry between the two cities, especially since everyone in Melbourne tells you it’s voted the best city in the world to live…and that they have the best coffee. No argument there. Loved the street art and food but it’s hard to pick a fave between the two. Not gonna touch that but nothing beats New Years Eve in Sydney.

Am now refreshed and writing like crazy person…meaning actually finishing songs that I’d abandoned for whatever reason and writing new. I love LA and So Cal and feel lucky to live here, but forgot how valuable it is to really disconnect from your everyday life…including social media…sorry, there was so much to see and do.

Hope everyone gets to at least take a mini-break soon or whatever it takes! Fingers crossed on recording but working on songs is pure joy. x

Melbourne street art

Vintage power adaptor thingy that made flat iron hum so no flat iron eek…really?

And yeah, “Sydney boys have great hair”…