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International Woman’s Day 2015

international-womans-day-2015 Happy International Woman’s Day. Celebrating all the women in the world, and sending thoughts of hope to those living under the worst circumstances. It’s a crazy time to be a girl on this... Read more

Back from Miami

back-from-miami Working on music in South Beach, Miami. Loved the warm nights, architecture, Lincoln Road Antique and Collectible Market and the food. I’ve been before but liked Florida better this time except... Read more


love-songs My first introduction to romance was being chased by boys who were trying to kiss us girls at recess in first grade. I ran like Hell…ugh what a disgusting thought. But he is cute. Then...Read... Read more

Seduced by Summer

seduced-by-summer Hey lovely peeps, it’s been awhile. I’ve been a bad, irresponsible girl. Seduced by the long warm nights of summer and a boy…just like when I was a teenager. Some things never... Read more

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